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ASMI manages many non-profit organizations in a very efficient and professional manner. Since our management concept is so efficient due to shared overhead, plus trained effective staff, your association's budget generally accomplishes much more. ASMI's excellent financial records and budgeting often helps solve your problems.

ASMI's management fee is computed to include most personnel costs and the benefits of your executive management team including support employees in accounting, data processing, publications, mail distribution along with reasonable overtime. ASMI's overhead fee includes fixed and operational expenses such as rent, computers, communication s hardware, utilities, furnishings, maintenance, repair and replacement costs. Both fees are derived from an organization's scope of activities and gross budget plus are competitive and generally below nationally reported averages.

Direct operating expenses incurred on the associations behalf are billed to the client directly include printing, postage, travel expenses, long distance telephone charges, database and website upkeep, fax, typesetting, art charges, photography, subscriptions and office supplies used on behalf of the client (like copier paper). Your board sets the annual budget, then ASMI administers it with an elected financial officer's continual oversight.

Just as you are a professional in your field, ASMI is a professional in association management. We believe in professionalism and subscribe to professional standards of objectivity, integrity, honor; this attitude serves as an added benefit to our clients.