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Seven Considerations When Partnering With AMCs
AMC Institute (03/29/07)
There are several things associations should consider when selecting an association management company (AMC) to manage their operations. The AMC's executives and staff should have a depth of experience. Associations would also be wise to find out whether the AMC provides only certain services or can they fully manage their operations. Employee turnover rates could translate into downtime and interruptions. Associations should also determine whether the AMC offers such specialized services as exhibitions management, media relations, membership development, and promotion. Another consideration is the technologies employed by the AMC, such as advanced database management systems, online meetings, and Web development. Finally, they need to think about whether the fees charged by the AMC are justified for the services provided.

Looking Out for the Details
Baltimore Sun (01/04/07) P. 1D; Hopkins, Jamie Smith
Over 4,600 associations and foundations use association management firms to handle certain tasks, including convention planning and political lobbying, or to manage the entire organization. AMC Institute, an association management trade group, reports a two-fold increase in the number of association management firms over the past two decades. Even the AMC Institute's operations are handled by an association management firm. "The business model makes sense, and I think there are more and more opportunities," says AMC Institute Executive Vice President Sue Pine. Maryland Society of Association Executives executive director Mitch Lebovic says small associations without the financial resources to hire numerous experts can get access to accountants, marketers, and other specialists through association management companies.

New Specialty Companies Fill Gaps for Nonprofits (12/26/06); Sietzen, Frank
A growing number of nonprofits are turning to association management companies (AMCs) for training, supplemental staff, and help with such tasks as bookkeeping. They also offer assistance with meeting planning and legal and financial issues, according to International Association of Association Management Companies (IAAMC) spokeswoman Sue Pine. The IAAMC Institute says AMCs manage over 4,600 associations nationwide. Nonprofit clients especially like that AMCs give them access to the talent and resources of other nonprofits. National Association of Women Business Owners executive director Erin Fuller says she can share ideas with other nonprofit executives or see how they handled specific situations. Association of Fundraising Professionals/Metro DC Chapter executive director John Ganoe says AMCs also help small nonprofits share overhead costs by grouping them in the same building.